“Drop To Frame”, try it today…

I don’t remember when I first heard about the “Drop To Frame” feature of Eclipse’s Java debugger, but I certainly don’t recall using it much, if at all, until today. It essentially pops back stuff off of the stack so that you can start debugging right at the entry point of the method. If you click on the preceding method call and click on the “Drop To Frame” button again, you can even go back to that preceding method call! As you can see, this function is useful for those times when you’ve mistakenly set a breakpoint too far down in a method or want to go back and step through a method one more time because you’ve missed something. There are of course scenarios where this isn’t going to work because of the way your object might have been modified over the course of those method calls, but it’s still a handy feature to have at your disposal.

You can find the “Drop To Frame” button to the right of “Step Return” in the “Debug” view.

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