EclipseCon 2011, day one…

I haven’t been at an Eclipse conference since EclipseCon 2008 and Eclipse Summit Europe 2008 so it was great to see everybody again.

As someone that’s been both a student and a mentor for Google’s Summer of Code program, it was great to see Dariusz win the 2011 Top Contributor award. I was originally sad to see that David Williams hadn’t made the top three in the Top Committer category but since he ended up receiving a Lifetime Contribution award, I guess I won’t get upset over all the people that didn’t vote for him in the Top Committer category.

My talk for the 4.x compatibility layer was pretty empty originally but it ended up being a full room in the end. Maybe the topic appealed to a lot of people or maybe there was a lot of people from the Boris Bokowski fan club, I don’t know. Admittedly, if there were a lot of people from the latter category I’m sad to say they were all disappointed since Boris was at a board meeting and couldn’t do the talk with me. I started the talk holding the mic but apparently it was so bad that someone in the audience actually came up on stage to both suggest and to physically clip the mic onto my jacket! Sorry, everyone! Two people approached me about where they could get the slides so I have uploaded them online for your convenience.

If anyone’s curious about the use of Eclipse 4 technologies in an RCP application, you might want to stop by the Stevens Creek room at 1140 today!

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2 Responses to EclipseCon 2011, day one…

  1. howlger says:

    Thanks for the slides. :-)

  2. Antoine says:

    Hey Remi, nice seeing you today. Sorry I was in the middle of an important chat, I would have loved to discuss more!

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